“The Beginning”

The Astronut
2 min readApr 26, 2021

Chapter Two

All the information humans had been looking for since the beginning of their material existence are firmly held from access in their consciousness the deepest and ancient place in the storage unit called mind.

The nature of consciousness makes easy questions like about where humans came from or how everything started? Does God exist? and if it’s so What is the origin of God? Humans are the species created in the likeness of god, why Humans?

Humans believe that the center point of this universe is the rock they call Earth; the dimension in which Humans perceive themselves because they are still without the awareness of the different realities not perceived by the rudimentary interfaces supplied, although useful in the dimensional state, insufficient.

Unfortunately, Human Being evolutionary grade doesn’t allow them to log into that deepest data area, where all the answers are. But it’s just a matter of waiting for them to be mature enough. As a matter of fact souls look like a still frame to them, always the same of itself, but in reality, looking with the appropriate interface, it can be seen it is in constant moving.

The reality to Human Beings still belongs to the Paleotechnological era, stuck still there like hominids; apes able to fully use hands, but only partly their mind’s. Still fascinated by power and gold, making use of tools, or weapons like religion, or money.

Human Beings constrained themselves in pieces of land, and body type, like these things really mattered. In their history, Humans had to set up avatars, to mirror themselves, in the figure of someone else, who took responsibility for their actions and decisions alleviating that burden from their lives.

So Humanity went on without the need to accept the nature of god. Structured the opportunity, until now, to use their projections like puppets to avoid telling themselves the truth, about what they already knew.

Humans are those whose name cannot be said in vain.

For all these reasons, I believe that,

Imagination is pragmatic concreteness
Life is an Abstract form of Art
The Astronut

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