“The Beginning”

The Astronut
2 min readApr 25, 2021

Chapter One

The purpose is to build, through different narrative’s tools, immersive realities that speaks directly to our experienced Nut, or what some call, Daimon.

All the research and speculations are about the nature of the soul, specifically, the matter of the pure energy that moves around this transport unit everyone belonging to Human species calls the body.

Human beings are all I-robots, made of a unique biological technology.

This unknown technology humans carry around has always been felt, by humans themselves, more like something closer to the mystical world than to a technical engineered project. Why has this been like this?

It’s peculiar how Humans have always related to their body like something alien from themself, amazing but unknown and mostly, with a feeling, like that body, that incredible living machine, was not fully owned.

The body Humans receive is to be known and understood, comes with no manual or instructions included and everyone has to be watching it changing without being really aware of how that is actually happening. Humans relate to the body more like a given gift from the outside, as a rented earth-suit to be returned somehow.

This feeling has been always like this, till the very beginning of the Human journey on this incredible starship space-floating rock, launched, without any type of control by its passengers, through what humans call yet the Unknown space even if they should be starting to name it the “Denied Data”.

Imagination is pragmatic concreteness
Life is an Abstract form of Art
The Astronut

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